Web Development and Marketing for CRONA Group


Advanced Web Development and Marketing Solutions for Real Estate

CRONA Group, a premier property developer based in Cyprus, excels in crafting contemporary residential spaces. Holding the highest construction license, ‘A’A’ level, they guarantee high-quality project execution from conceptualization to completion, swiftly and reliably. CRONA Group is renowned for its resource-rich capabilities that ensure the delivery of major construction projects with impeccable standards and timelines.

  • Custom Web Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Webflow CMS Integration
  • Real Estate Website Maintenance
  • Online Marketing and SEO
  • Property Database Integration (ProfitBase)
  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Project Management in Construction
Real Estate
Limassol, Cyprus
Sep 2022 - Jan 2023


CRONA Group faced challenges with an outdated website that limited their online presence and lead generation capabilities. They needed a comprehensive upgrade in:

  • Managing complex project details online
  • Designing intuitive UX for seamless user interactions
  • Implementing stylish UI for visual appeal
  • Developing on Webflow for professional and easy management
  • Integrating ProfitBase for real-time property updates
  • Continual website maintenance and effective marketing strategies


DC Technolabs revamped CRONA Group’s website from WordPress to Webflow CMS, focusing on modern design, enhanced functionality, and user experience optimization. The project included:

  • Developing a clear and effective user experience strategy
  • Creating a fresh, contemporary interface to appeal to modern clients
  • Seamless migration to Webflow CMS for ease of use and control
  • Integration of ProfitBase for efficient property management


The transformation of CRONA Group’s website significantly boosted their online visibility and user engagement. The new website received acclaim for its:

  • Enhanced user interaction through a newly designed sidebar featuring real-time property listings
  • Increased website traffic and user engagement post-launch
  • Improved internal usability, allowing staff to update website elements easily via Webflow CMS
  • Successful integration with ProfitBase, ensuring up-to-date property management