Web Development and Marketing for NIS

National Innovation Service

Comprehensive Web Development and Marketing for Consulting Services

The National Innovation Service specializes in transforming public systems to enhance community well-being. By working closely with communities affected by these systems, they aim to create sustainable changes. Their approach includes community engagement, comprehensive research across social sciences, innovative service and organizational design, and impactful policy development. They also focus on implementation and evaluation of changes, emphasizing leadership development and capacity building through a lens of racial equity and participatory practices.

  • Website Redesign
  • Web Development
  • Basic SEO Implementation
  • Online Marketing Strategies
  • Animation Creation for Web
  • Storytelling through Design
  • Systems Change Consulting
  • Leadership Training Systems
National Innovation Service
New York, United States
Dec 2021 - Feb 2022


The National Innovation Service was looking to completely overhaul their website and marketing to effectively convey their transformative work. They required a partner skilled in both dynamic storytelling and web design to reach a broader audience.

  • Needed a cohesive design that reflects their mission and impact
  • Required integration of complex service offerings into the site design
  • Sought to enhance user engagement through improved navigation and accessibility
  • Aimed to improve site visibility and reach through targeted SEO and marketing efforts


DC Technolabs swiftly responded to the challenge by proposing a compelling redesign strategy using Readymag, inspired by initial inputs and admired web designs. The process involved:

  • Rapidly developing and proposing a redesign strategy
  • Implementing web animations to enrich user experience
  • Executing a foundational SEO and marketing plan to increase site traffic
  • Focusing on storytelling elements in the design to resonate with diverse stakeholders


The redesigned website received highly positive feedback, particularly for its meaningful design that resonated with staff and stakeholders. The marketing initiatives led to significant increases in website traffic, demonstrating the effectiveness of DC Technolabs’ strategic approach.

  • Enhanced design and usability of the website increased visitor engagement
  • Effective SEO and marketing strategies significantly boosted web traffic
  • Positive stakeholder and community feedback on the website’s impact and messaging
  • Strengthened online presence, aiding in broader communication of their mission